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Donkey Truck Carried forklift new and used equipmentProgressive Turf Equipment mowers and mower deck equipmentDonkey Truck Carried forklift new and used equipment

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Donkey Forklifts

Truck carried forklifts

Donkey Truck Carried forklift new and used equipment

An evolution in the forklift industry is Donkey forklift. Proven quality in truck carried forklifts, Donkey has the lowest operating cost and highest reliability in its class.

  1. Low Operating Weight
  2. Suitable for Single-Axle Trucks
  3. High Travel Speed
  4. Power Steering
  5. Easy to Maintain
  6. Low Pressure Hydraulics

Southern Specialty Equipment is an international distributor of New and Used Forklifts and Commercial mowers. Now is the time to order a Donkey , for more information contact Jim Brewster Toll-free 1-877-366-5399

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Progressive Mowers

Commercial Finishing Mower

Progressive Turf Mower with floating deck

Commercial Turf mowers from Progressive featuring rotary commercial mowers, finishing mowers, Sod farm roller mowers with floating decks.

Our new generation of TDR Finishing mowers are designed for large acreage mowing.  They feature solid construction and smooth operation for a clean finish cut every time. 

Built to our exceptional standard, the TDR family of mowers guarantees the same high quality and low maintenance that the industry has come to expect from Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

For over 30 years, Progressive Turf Equipment has been supplying innovative rotary finishing mowers to turf grass producers, golf courses, and municipalities around the globe. 

AUSA Forklifts and Dumpers

Farm and Industry Equipment

Used Donkey Forklifts and commercial equipment

We are proud to offer AUSA Dumpers and Forklifts with many different farm and industry applications. AUSA is a world leader backed by over 50 years experience with an international presence and 5 high performance material handling product lines.

AUSA Has many Farm and Turf solutions for different size needs. AUSA's range of Agricultural products specialises in material handling, transporting, maintenance and cleaning tasks on farms and all kind of agriculture and forestry applications.

Used Equipment Sales

Top Quality Equipment

Used Donkey Forklifts and commercial equipment

We only handle top quality equipment. Over the years, we've learned that hard work, straight talk, and diligence are what build the relationships which are the key to success in our business.

We are proud to say that Southern Specialty Equipment excels at all three.Our used equipment is reconditioned to the highest standards, check for the latest items

Burro Forklift


The Burro truck carried forklift is a lower cost, lighter weight alternative to a rider truck carried forklift. It can handle palletized loads up to 3,000 pounds on improved surfaces, and can be carried on a variety of light duty vehicles as well as semi-trailers.

Donkey forklift Burro light weight forklift solution for loads up to 3000 lbs

Donkey Beekeeper Forklift

Check out the introduction of it's new DONKEY® BeeKeeper forklift. It is specially made for beekeepers

Donkey Beekeeper Forklift